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Rapid screening test A-Z

We can integrate your antibodies and biomarkers into a suitable test system. As part of test development, we can also select, evaluate, conjugate, and store antibodies.

In cooperation with business partners and institutes, we develop custom solutions for optimal test interpretation, such as readers for rapid screening tests or photometric test systems.

Do you need a test procedure for a specific biomarker or individual lab results? As a medium-sized company, we can be your competent partner for development and manufacturing.

DrugWipe® is the world's most successful test format for rapid drug detection. The immunoassay enables the reliable on-site detection on surfaces, in sweat, or in saliva.

For decades, we’ve been designing and manufacturing disposable cassettes for test strips for our proprietary rapid screening tests. You benefit from our know-how and a custom disposable.

A single drop of blood is all it takes: Our ChE check mobile rapid screening test measures the enzyme activity of cholinesterase. This innovative test system delivers results in a matter of minutes. Ask us about developing your enzyme test.

We conduct appropriate product inspections and studies parallel to development and consider this an important part of our work. We cooperate with forensic labs, clinics, and universities.

The right biomarker can be the key to early diagnosis in saliva or urine tests. Immunological testing is particularly popular in clinical-toxicological and forensic analytics. Lateral flow test strips enable low-cost and rapid screening.

Despite rapid advances in device-based analytics, immunological screening procedures still lead the way when it comes to testing drugs or medications from biological matrices. Why not benefit from our advanced knowledge in bioanalytics using lateral flow rapid screening tests?

A variety of quality assurance procedures must be in place in order to market in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. We are ISO 13485 certified and manufacture medical products and IVD tests for various point-of-care applications.

With its low manufacturing cost and ease of use, the lateral flow test or strip test is the ideal platform for point-of-care applications – including your own needs. We are your one-stop-contact for design, development, and manufacturing.

Readers support the objective interpretation of test strips and enable the secure documentation of results. Our readers and analysis systems for rapid screening tests feature:

  • Ergonomic design and intuitive use
  • Custom configuration and reliable operation

We handle the manufacturing of test kits (such as the manufacturing of test strips, bottling of buffers, etc.) right through to OEM manufacturing, including packaging, storage, and shipping. Exception: We don’t offer this option for our core business of rapid drug tests.

Point-of-care tests (POC tests) can offer fast results for optimal monitoring or for immediate therapy decisions, for example in emergency medicine settings. Our tests deliver results in 3 to 8 minutes. New POC application: We verify the feasibility, design the test format, and implement an easy-to-use test system.

Medical rapid screening tests and other strip tests are our core competency. These include bacterial or viral tests, hazardous materials detection, and detection of drug or medication abuse. We design appropriate tests, and can also handle the subsequent serial production.

Saliva tests are used for rapid, minimally invasive testing in various application areas. Our patented test system has a proven track record, not least due to its minimal sample volume. The DrugWipe® saliva test has become globally established with safety authorities, in rehab, or for workplace drug testing.

The monitoring of stored test kits is part of our comprehensive quality assurance system. You can benefit from this service.

Viral tests enable faster diagnosis and targeted treatment. We have already successfully developed a rapid screening test for the detection of adenoviruses and herpesviruses. Please ask us for more information.

Wipe tests are used on technical surfaces or as a sweat or skin test, for example for detecting illegal drugs. Our unique system enables sample collection simply by wiping. This makes it possible to design a rapid screening test for detecting contamination or a skin test as a non-invasive alternative to saliva tests.

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