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Point-of-care and IVD tests

Easy-to-use test systems, such as immunoassays, IVD rapid screening tests, or even device-based solutions for point-of-care testing – this is our world. We can say with confidence that customized point-of-care (POC) tests (often) help results to be obtained more easily and within a shorter space of time.

Point-of-care tests for early diagnosis

For example, Securetec has developed a point-of-care test for detecting adenoviruses. Within minutes, inflammation of the conjunctiva can be diagnosed with confidence. Added benefit for the patient: No more unnecessary antibiotics.

POC and IVD test: We handle the development and manufacturing, or help you optimize assays, test strips, etc. for the detection of enzymes, hormones, viruses, bacteria, warfare agents, or other analytes.

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